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Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanmanufaktur is one of the last remaining great German porcelain manufactures still working in the tradition of the 18th Century, the golden age of German porcelain. Visiting the Aelteste Volkstedter factory is like taking a step backwards in time. At Aelteste Volkstedter, porcelain is still make the way it was 200 plus years ago, with many of the same molds, and in the same building for almost that long. Located in Rudolstadt, in the former East Germany, Aelteste Volkstedter, like the very similar Meissen, was nurtured by the state to preserve this prestigious art form, that was also a source of much needed hard currency from the West. Thankfully, this has meant that while much was swept away by progress in West Germany, and by neglect in East German, Aelteste Volkstedter and Meissen both continued on making some of the finest porcelain the world has ever known. We guarantee that the current work of Aelteste Volkstedter is as good as at any time in the firms history. And today, besides the traditional lines, the company is producing some very fine avant garde lines by the gifted artist Kati Zorn.

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Alteste Volkstedter Porcelain