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Kai Pure Komachi
Pure Komachi

The Pure Komachi Series may just be the most eye-catching line of knives on the market today. With their mono-chromatic color scheme - including color-coated blades - they're sure to attract attention. But as good as Komachi knives look, they perform even better. Each knife is designed for a specific function - from the small Fish Knife, ideal for Sushi preparation, to the easy-to-use Bread Knife to the popular Chef's Knife. The high-carbon stainless steel of the blade provides a razor sharp edge, while the fluorinated-resin coating keeps food from sticking during preparation, resists corrosion, and makes cleanup quick and easy.

KAI Komachi

  • High-carbon, stainless steel blade with fluorinated-resin coating
  • Coated blade resists corrosion and makes cleaning easier, helping keep the knife clean and sanitary
  • Unique, eye-catching color scheme
  • Ergonomic handle in ionomer resin

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Komachi 2

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AB1277Citrus Knife 4" with holder Kershaw Komachi 4SALE!
AB0800Clear Acrylic Block

8 Slots

Kershaw Komachi II Block Set

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