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Natural Japanese Stones

Very few natural Japanese stones are mined today. These natural stones are sought after the world over by discerning craftspeople and sushi chefs, who want to achieve the ultimate cutting edge. Experts say that no synthetic stone has been produced that can match the qualities of the best natural stones. These are ultra-fine stones, to be used only for achieving that final perfect hone. Like all water stones, they work best when a slurry of water and stone particles has formed on their surface.

We import our natural Japanese stones from Mr. Imanishi, a specialist in these stones who still has a supply of old stock stones from before the famous mines closed.

Each Japanese stone that we sell has its own photo, and the stone that you get will be the stone that you see. Click on the "See Picture" icon to show the pictures of that particular stone. The stones that we get from Mr. Imanishi have the stone's Mt. of Origin or Common Name listed.

Japanese natural stones vary a bit in size and are only finished on one side. The back side is rough hewn and will show a combination of hand-cut chisel marks and surface stone. This is typical of stones that were mined in the past.

Natural Japanese Stones
Japanese Natural Stones
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Natural flaws exist in these stones. A stone is not considered defective because of these naturally occurring flaws, which do not affect use.
Stock # Size in mm Mine
or Common Name
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Price Qty Buy
IM-ATAGO24-MY 218 X 78 X 66 Otagoyama $295.95
- N/A
IM-OHIRA30-H-MY 207 X 77 X 38 Ohira $345.95
- N/A

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