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Norton Water Stones

Water stones are the traditional method of sharpening in the Orient, while until recently oil stones were most commonly used in the West. Using water stones present a trade-off. Water stones will cut more aggessively than oil stones, but they achieve this at the expense of the stone. Thus while Norton oil stones rarely if ever need to be flattened, water stones, by Norton or otherwise, will need to be flattened on a regular basis. Norton water stones are American made synthetic water stones and cut faster than natural stones and wear much slower. Still, even though Norton water stones will stay flat longer than natural Japanese water water stones, they will still wear much faster than oil stones. Despite Norton water stones performance advantage, the Norton water stones are also cheaper than the Japanese water stones.

For a more detailed discussion of sharpening techniques Click here!

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We are discontinuing Norton products and are closing out our remaining inventory.
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Single Grit Norton Water Stones

Norton water stones are available in four grits, 220, 1000, 4000, and 8000. Each Norton water stone measures 8" by 3" by 1" thick. This width makes these Norton water stones super convenient for wide plane irons.
Norton Water Stone

All of our Norton Waterstones Measure 8" X 3" X 1"
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Norton 220 Grit Water StoneSALE!
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Norton 1000 Grit Water StoneSALE!
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Norton Combination Water Stone

Combination Norton water stones present an economical solution to having a selection of grits. One Norton combination water stone has two grits, one on each side. A single Norton stone, the Norton 1000/4000 grit combination stone, will meet the complete needs of most users. The same size as the individual grit stones, 8" by 3" by 1" thick, this Norton water stone combines the two most useful grits. Rarely will a 220 grit be needed if you have a power grinder, and the 8000 grit is only needed when you want a mirror edge, such as when using an infill plane. We like to get that mirror edge, but we also realize that it's not for everyone. If that describes you, then this Norton water stone is all you will ever need. The Norton combination water stones are available in 3 combinations.

All of our Norton Waterstones Measure 8" X 3" X 1"
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1000/4000 Grit Combination Norton Water StoneSALE!
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Norton Water Stone Flattening Stone Norton Water Stone
Norton waterstones are less prone to wear than most waterstones but they will still wear dramatically more quickly than oil stones. For example, I have been using the same Norton oil stones for going on 20 years now without ever flattening them. With the Norton waterstone flattening stone you can quickly get your waterstones flat again. The Norton waterstone flattening stone will work equally as well with Norton waterstones or their competitors' stones.

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Norton Waterstone Flattening Stone
Measures 9" X 3" X 3/4"
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