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Scraper Burnishers

Scrapers are one of the most important tools in the workshop, and yet scrapers are also amont the least understood and most maligned tools. Sharpening a scraper is an important technique to learn, but having the right burnisher is essential to acheiving success. For cabinet scrapers and other full size scrapers, the Hock burnisher is without parallel. For small scrapers, such as scratch stocks, or the Auriou molding and carver's scrapers, the Hock scraper is too big. We were unable to find a commercially available burnisher of the right size for delicate profiles, so we commissioned our own to be made by Crown Hand Tools in Sheffield. Our Crown micro-burnisher has an oval cross-section and is just the right size to burnish delicate scratch stock profiles and other small scrapers.

Hock High Speed Steel Burnisher

Hock Burnisher

Stock # Description PriceQty Buy
BR375 This is just a Hock burnishing rod. It does not come with a handle.
Measures 6" by 3/8" long. A hole is drilled in one end to facilitate adding a handle.
- N/A
BR375HP Hock Burnisher fitted with a premium quality Blue Spruce Toolworks maple handle. This is the connoisseur's burnisher. $38.95
- N/A