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Cabinetmaking Scrapers at The Best Things
Scraping & Sanding

There is no single tool more ubiquitous in a cabinetmaker's kit than a scraper. Scrapers are one of those fundamental tools that form the backbone of fine woodworking. Every woodworker has at least one traditional cabinet scraper, but most woodworkers deal in more than just flat surfaces. There are many styles of scrapers for dealing with curved surfaces, all of them useful in different situations.

Learning to properly sharpen and use a scraper can be challenging, but once this skill is acquired, your work will reflect the effort. If you are having trouble mastering the scraper, we highly recommend the Frank Klauz Taunton DVD on wood finishing, which includes an excellent tutorial on using the cabinet scraper.

Scrapers should be used for the final surfacing on hardwoods, or to deal with difficult grain situations. A scraper will never tear out, even in situations that would challenge the best Norris plane. Besides scrapers for flat surfaces, we sell the Clifton set that includes curved scrapers that will work for things like cabriolet legs and ogee feet. We also sell tradional Sheffield hook scraper sets, that are more for scraping paint on architectural moldings.

Most traditional woodworkers scorn sanding, but Frank Klauz himself, in the Taunton video on wood finishing, suggests that sanding has a legitimate place in the workshop, even for high-end work. The sanding blocks we sell are the nicest ones that we have ever found, and there made right here in the USA. The Norton sandpapers that we sell are world renowned for their quality.

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