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The Tormek grinder is a complete grinding and sharpening system. Made in Sweden to the most exacting standards, the Tormek is truly a top-of-the-line machine. The Tormek grinding wheel is 10" in diameter and turns in a water bath. A Tormek grinder is as close to a traditional treadle grinder that the old cabinet makers used as you can get today. The Tormek grinder can be used as a free hand grinder or as a complete sharpening system with jigs and fixtures to allow you to sharpen just about anything. With its water bath wheel, the Tormek system is the least likely to burn an edge of any grinder you could use. The 10" diameter wheel of the Tormek means that your bevels will be just slightly hollow ground. This is preferable to the pronounced hollow grind of a 6" wheel, which makes it more difficult to get a precise angle on the blade and can lead to a more fragile edge.
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