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Chambriard Gourmet French Knives

Chambriard Fine French Knives

In the knifemaking town of Thiers, where the finest French cutlery has been made for many centuries, there are still a handful of small makers producing knives of exceptional quality. The makers are all members of the ancient guild of Thiers Cutlers, and are all entitled to use the Le Thiers logo for their products. The firm of Chambriard, founded in 1883, is one of these small firms producing extraordinary products. Chambriard is especially well known for the beauty of their wooden handles. One of Chambriard's signature products is the "Rainbow" steak knife set, so called because of the rainbow of color created by all the different woods of the handles all lined up in the box. When we first laid eyes on the Chambriard "Rainbow" set, we were floored by its beauty. Chambriard's line of kitchen knives, the "Grand Gourmets" line, are among the most attractive kitchen knives that we have seen. We would venture to say that Chambriard is perhaps the highest quality European production knife maker today.

French Knives by Chambriard

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