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After 22 years in business, we are ready to retire. We are now closing out all of our new product inventory.
We will continue to sell antiques & antique tools in retirement.
Woodworking Files & Rasps

No 19th Century woodworkers chest would have been complete with at least a few saw files and cabinet rasps. Today, with traditional hand skills waning, good files and rasps are not as easy to find as they once were. If you have not used a hand-cut rasp, you might think they are expensive. After you have tried a hand-cut rasp, it will seem like a bargain.

Click here!to view Hand-Cut French Carver's Rifflers

Click here!to view Iwasaki Japanese Cabinetmaker's and Carver's Floats

Click here!to view Nicholson Swiss Pattern Needle Files & Silversmith's Riffler

Click here!to view Tsubotama Japanese Saw Files

Click here!to view Lutz File Handles & Cleaners