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Rotur Pen Turning Kit
Rotur Pen Turning Kit
Rotur Professional Pen Turning Kit

The Rotur pen turning kit is a complete package to get started in the hobby of pen turning. The heart of this kit is the Rotur deluxe Universal Pen Mandrel, which is packed with a range of accessories in a sturdy hard plastic carrying case. The mandrel adjusts accommodate either one or two pen parts at a time and is suitable for turning the vast majority of pen kits. Three each of two different types of spacers are profided to separate the pen parts from each other on the mandrel and from the ends of the mandrel, so that you can turn the pen parts without fear of your turning tool hitting anything. You'll never need to upgrade!

Rotur Professional Pen Turning Kit
Made in England (Except bit which is German Made)

  • Miebach Colt 5* 7mm Pen Bit
  • Universal Pen Mandrel and shaft
  • 3 parallel spacers
  • 3 stepped spacers
  • Brass thumbscrew with lock nut & tightening rod & wrench
  • Pen blank trimming tool
  • Pack of five Quality Twist Top ball point pen kits
  • Instruction leaflet
Rotur Pen Turning Kit
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PM2KC Rotur Pen Turning Kit - 2MT $94.95
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PMS2_RU Rotur Pen Mandrel Support 2MT $39.95

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