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Shoulder & Bullnose Blades at The Best Things
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After 22 years in business, we are ready to retire. We are now closing out all of our new product inventory.
We will continue to sell antiques & antique tools in retirement.

TBT Tools English Style Shoulder & Bullnose Plane Blades

After years of seeing good British infill type bullnose & shoulder planes that could no longer be used because of worn out blades, we responded to that need and introduced a line of custom made blades for bullnose and shoulder planes. These blades are made from the best US made A2 steel, to the highest possible standards of quality. They are not bevelled on the edges. Originally, some blades of this type were bevelled, others were not. There is no function reason for this type of blade to be bevelled, however, on some planes that are a particullarly tight fit it will be necessary to bevell the sides of the blade to get it into the plane. If this is the case, you will need to use a bench grinder or belt sander, and grind bevelles on the edges of the blade. Since the length of the actual blade is only 1 1/4" on the shoulder plane, and less on the bullnose, this is not hard to do. Most planes will not require this to be done.

Replacement Blades for English Style Bullnose and Shoulder Planes
Replacement Shoulder and Bullnose Plane blades

Made in the US from the best quality US Made A2 steel. These blades will greatly exceed the performance of original equipment blades.
Stock #SizePriceQtyBuy
BNPBA21.125-TB Bullnose Plane Blade - 1 1/8" wide
5 7/8" overall, with 1" useable length
BNPBA21.25-TB Bullnose Plane Blade - 1 1/4" wide
5 5/8" overall, with 1" useable length
SPBA21.25-TB Shoulder Plane Blade - 1 1/4" wide
8 1/2" overall, with 1 5/16" useable length
SPBA21.5-TB Shoulder Plane Blade - 1 1/2" wide
8 1/2" overall, with 1 5/16" useable length

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