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Fine Antiques, unlike commodity products, are something that consumers want to see and handle before buying. That makes selling antiques online tricky. We have had it happen to us many times, that we see a fine oil painting offered online, or even a painting in a fancy auction catalog, only to find that when we view it in person, it is a big disappointment. Mediocre antiques and paintings can be made to look quite good in digital photographs. Blemishes can be obscured and descriptions made deliberately vague.

At The Best Things, we only offer for sale online antiques that we feel will leave no room for disappointment. We only list on our web site antiques and fine art that we would be thrilled to see for the fist time if we were our customer unpacking it. Lee Richmond, who heads up our antiques business, appears as a guest expert on the popular PBS program "Antiques Roadshow," working on the Decorative Arts, Metalware, and Tools tables.

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