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Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

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Number 7506 Tape Measure

ST200353 Number 7506 Tape Measure This is a scarce tape measure, and I can see why. It is not one of Stanley's more clever ideas. It is patented. The tape is does not self retract, you have to push it back in. The last bit of it has bends in the tape where it was binding when pusing it back it. I put a few drops of machine oil into it and now it retacts much more freely. The exterior is in very clean condition. I didn't rate it higher because of the minor bends in the tape. G++ $25

Number 91 Marking and Mortising Gauge

ST200356 Number 91 Marking and Mortising Gauge A pristine and possibly unused example of Stanley's classic gauge. It is the later style casting that was used in the 40s and 50s. This is as nice as they come. Fine SOLD

Number H1202 Scratch Awl

ST200359 Number H1202 Scratch Awl A very clean Stanley Handyman scratch awl. This is not an easy one to find, and certainly not in this condition. Fine $45

Number 18 Eight Inch Bevel

ST200363 Number 18 Eight Inch Bevel The classic Stanley cast iron stocked bevel, the one that everyone wants. These are realy handy. This one retains about 90% or better of the the original nickel. The side that I photographed is not as nice the side that you can't see. That is always how we do it, unless both sides are shown, I choose the worst side to show. G+ $36

Number 151 Spokeshave Number 151 Spokeshave

ST200334 Number 151 Spokeshave An every popular Stanley adjustable spokeshave. This is a post-war US made example. The japanning has a good deal of tool box rash. G+ $49

Number 9 1/2 Block Plane Number 9 1/2 Block Plane

ST200345 Number 9 1/2 Block Plane This is a late US made 9 1/2. Probably late 1970s. It has a lot of tool box rash on the lever cap. It should be a great user and certainly cheap enough. G+ $29

Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST200320 Number 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane A nice Sweetheart marked 4 from the 1920s. Lovely rosewood. The plane is nearly untouched. It looks like a fool started to clean the top of the lever cap and it the sides of the blade with a wire wheel. Luckly he gave up after aout 10 seconds. You will only notice because he took the patina off of the blade and cap iron on each side in two small areas. The plane otherwise has a pleasing patina, great rosewood, and is clearly hardly used. There are some light scratches in the sole. Clearly one of those planes that was bought to plane a door. Used once or twice and put away. G++ $109

Number 90 Marking Gauge Number 90 Marking Gauge

ST20035 Number 90 Marking Gauge A used but well cared for example. The think that the casting on this one is the first style that was used, but I don't claim to have studied these. The pin is very worn down. It still works but it is at the end of its useful life. This is of course easy to replace. G+ $36

Number 88 Adjustable Clapboard Marker Number 88 Adjustable Clapboard Marker

ST200260 Number 88 Adjustable Clapboard Marker An apparently unused example in the original box, with the original instruction sheet. It has the V tradmark that was used in the teens. The box lid is in terrible shape, although the label is still there. The tool is untouched and could use a light cleaning. As it is now it rates Fine- $49

Number 65 Chamfer Shave

ST200222 Number 65 Chamfer Shave This is an earlier example with the half moon logo on the blade. The japanning has tool box wear. The bear metal surfaces have a pleasing patina and the blade looks to be about full original length. I would rate this one higher were it not for the chips in the japnning. As it is, I rate it a strong G+ $115

Number 12 Scraper Plane Number 12 Scraper Plane

ST200226 Number 12 Scraper Plane This is what collector's call a Type 1 example, with the rounded sides. It is in nice condition, perhaps slightly cleaned by a previous collector. The blade is unused and clearly not as old as the tool. Not new either, as there is dried grease on it, but presumably post-war. It looks like a high quality blade to me. These are really handy tools, much better than the 112 plane to use. G+ $79

Number 148 Match Plane Number 148 Match Plane Number 148 Match Plane

ST200228 Number 148 Match Plane An apparently unused example in the original 1950s box. The box also has a label on it from Harry's Hardware and Pawn. The blades have never been honed. The box is a worn, but the tool has no complaints. Fine $119

Number 39 3/8" Dado Plane Number 39 3/8" Dado Plane

ST20025 Number 39 3/8" Dado Plane A nice as found sweetheart marked example. The only small complaint that I have is that the nickel on the thumscrews is peeling. G++ $129

Number 2 Traut Patent Square

ST200212 Number 2 Traut Patent Square A ell used but honest 4" example. It will still be a great user. It is not marked, and I am not sure that any of these early examples were. G+ $28

Nicholson Patent Plumb & Level Nicholson Patent Plumb & Level Nicholson Patent Plumb & Level

ST200130 Nicholson Patent Plumb & Level A scarce Nicholson patent cast iron level. The brass plated has been hand polished and is missing one screw. It is otherwise quite untouched. It is hard to grade how much japanning is left, but a guess is around 50%. It will certainly look better when it is waxed. The overall length is about 19 1/4". For the user or collector who wants a scarce level but doens't to pay a lot for it. G+ $89

Number 59 Doweling Jig

ST200138 Number 59 Doweling Jig A classic Stanley doweling jig with all 6 original guides. This is a later one that came with a bit stop, and that is not present. The box is very Tatty. It has the original instructions, a well as the instructions for the doweling machine. The tool itself rates Fine $49

Number 603 Bedrock Smoothing Plane Number 603 Bedrock Smoothing Plane

ST20019 Number 603 Bedrock Smoothing Plane A lovely as found example from the 1930s. It has the scarce blade logo that has the patent number under the logo. The only fault that I have with this plane is that the varnish on the tote has deteriorated and is covered with craquelure. I don't know why, but planes from this period were susceptible to this. A very nice example. Fine- $189

Number 1 Plumb Bob

ST191223 Number 1 Plumb Bob An early example, it is only marked with the 1874 patent date. Lovely untouched condition with a rich patina and old string on the reel that is probably from when it was new. I don't know if these came with the string or not. A particularly nice honest example. G++ $119

Number 400 Miter Clamp

ST191228 Number 400 Miter Clamp A classic Stanley cast iron miter clamp. A super handy tool if you do any picture framing work. It tilts to allow you to nail the sides of joints. This one is blue, which is 1960s. It is as it came from a shop and is a bit dirty but should clean to at least Fine- $99

Victory Blades

ST191171 Victory Blades This a lot of two new old stock Victory blades in 1 3/4" size, for a Number 3 or 5 1/4 plane. One has it is original wrapper and one does not but neither has ever been used. Fine $49

Number 20 Compass Plane Number 20 Compass Plane

ST191112 Number 20 Compass Plane A pristine Stanley compass plane in the original box. The plane looks unused, but if you look at the blade closely, it has the original factory grind, and it has never been honed, but there are a couple of small nicks. Clearly somebody who didn't know what they were doing tried to do something with it once. It is as new. This is one that was made around 1940, when the war was already causing nickel shortages even though the US was not in the war. It is black. I believe that this plane was discontinued when the US entered the war. The box has a sweetheart label, which is correct because they had pleny of these labels left through the 30s. The blade is of course the post-sweetheart mark. The box lid is in wonderful condition. There is one torn corner on the box base. I don't see how you could improve on this one. Fine $265

NOS 2 3/8 inch Blade

ST1910102 NOS 2 3/8 inch Blade This is a new old stock 2 3/8" blade that is still in the factory wrapper. I am not sure when they stopped wrapping the blades this way but it is certainly pre-1960. It has plastic around it to protect it. It really could be called mint but as you all know I can't bring myself to use this term after seing how it is abused elsewhere. Fine+ $59

Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST191078 Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane A turn of the century Stanley 3 that is in lovely untouched condition. If you share my love of a rich patina, you will love this plane. The bare metal surfaces have a rich medium-dark patina. The brass has a rich patina. The rosewood retains its original polished finish and has lovely color, although there is something spilled on the left side. The blade has the 1892 patent date logo and is about 80% remaining. You will probably want to carefully clean the plane. I would use the rubbing compound technique highlighted in our FAQs, along with a soft rag and wax. It looks great as it is, but it will look even better when properly cleaned. This is for the connoisseur who loves great surface. If you don't care about great surface, I wouldn't suggest this one. G+ $119

Nicholson Patent Level Nicholson Patent Level Nicholson Patent Level

ST191086 Nicholson Patent Level A Wm. T. Nicholson patent cast-iron level that is also marked by Stanley, who bought out Nicholson and continued to offer the levels. I am not sure if Stanley conintued production or just sold off the stock. This level is 19 3/8" long and I believe that the May 1st, 1860 patent is for the slot on the bottom that allows you to read it when placed upside down. It has a lovely patina on the iron and on the brass trim. The japanning is worn, but certainly more than half remains. A nice honest example for a discerning collector or user. G+ $159

Number 148 7/8" Match Plane

ST190963 Number 148 7/8" Match Plane A nice as found example with the earlier cast iron thumbscrews. Works stock from 3/4" to 1". G++ $109

Number 200 Cutter and Chisel Grinder

ST190823 Number 200 Cutter and Chisel Grinder An barely used example of the classic Stanley sharpening jig in the original box. It is the early box that is from around 1920. Fine $95

Number 384 Level

ST190819 Number 384 Level A 9" aluminum torpedo level with three vials, plumb, level, & 45 degrees. Relatively late but still US made. Fine $15

Number 53 1/2 Architects Rule Number 53 1/2 Architects Rule

ME190321 Number 53 1/2 Architects Rule A sweetheart marked example in lovely as found condition. The inside is very clean and rates Fine. The outside shows some normal light wear and rates G++ $99

Number 38 1/2 Pocket Level

ST19033 Number 38 1/2 Pocket Level A nice sweetheart marked example that has probably been very lightly cleaned by a collector. G+ $36

Number 10 or10 1/2 Blade

ST190316 Number 10 or 10 1/2 Blade This is an original iron for a Stanely rabbet plane like a 10, 10 1/4, or 10 1/2. It has just shy of 1/2" remaining and has the 1892 patent date logo. G+ $35

Number 99 Side Rabbet Number 99 Side Rabbet

ST190148 Number 99 Side Rabbet An as found left handed Stanely side rabbet. The No. 99 is indistinctly cast into the body, as if the sand wasn't properly packed around the pattern. There is some pitting on the right side which impacts the grading, but this is a nice user example. G+ $59

No. 90 Marking Gauge

ST181096 No. 90 Marking Gauge A very clean example in the later style without any decoration in the casting. Fine $39

Number 984 Ratcheting Bit Holder

ST180960 Number 984 Ratcheting Corner Brace This tool is for getting into corners or right up against the wall. The head has a flat on one side to be flush against the wall. The head and grip are rosewood. The metal is in nice condition. The head has some tool box rash. G+ $85

Number 2 Trammel Points

ST18071 Number 2 Trammel Points A pair of number 2 trammel points that are sweetheart marked. One of them has light pitting on the point making the markings hard to read. The keepers are carefully make replacments. The wood is clearly old mut not original. The trammels are untouched with a pleasing patina. A great user pair at a user price. G+ $69

Number 72 Double Marking Gauge

ST180332 Number 72 Double Marking Gauge A very clean twin stem Stanley beech marking gauge. The pins are as tall as new and the fence shows just minor wear. There is a small hang hole drilled in the rear. A nice clean example. G++ $59

Number A5 Bailey Jack Plane Number A5 Bailey Jack Plane

ST171217 Number A5 Bailey Jack Plane A scarce Stanely aluminum jack plane. The body on this plane is much better than I normally see and is quite crisp. The wood is good as well. The lever cap has some peeling nickel and a tiny chip in the edge, as noted with the arrow. An idiot has wire brushed the top of the sweet heart blade. The front brass handle lug is also polished. If you are a serious collector, you can always swat the iron. What are people thinking when they do things like this? The important part, the body, is about as good as I have seen. The adjustment knob also retains its nickel plating. G+ $145

Number 53 1/2 Architect Number 53 1/2 Architect

ST170921 Number 53 1/2 Architect's Rule A scarce Stanley boxwood architect's 4 fold 24" rule. It is as found and as expected it is much darker on the outside than the inside. It is a used but cared for rule, and not heavily used. There is still traces of lacquer on the brass on the inside. The first of this model that I have had. G+ $89

Number 95 Butt Gauge

ST170264 Number 95 Butt Gauge Judging from the complete lack of wear on the cutters on this tool, I don't think that it was ever used, but it has some nickel loss and some rust spots from poor storage. It is in the original box, which is in decent condition. There is rust on the tip of one of the slitters, but that will polish off and this will be a great user. G+ $49

Number 299 Trimming Knife

ST1610120 Number 299 Trimming Knife A Stanley box knife in the original box. The box lists a slew of uses, but opening boxes is actually not on the list. I can still hear blades in the handle. The box is from the 1950s and is in nice condition. The tool is painted red and the red has some light wear and the initials F J scratched in. G+ $45

Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane

ST160396 Number 101 1/2 Bullnose Block Plane A scarce Stanley 101 1/2 with the football shaped logo. This plane has been used and is probably missing more than half of its original japanning. The sides and sole have been cleaned a bit by a collector and lack patina. I have seen quite a few of these faked, but genuine ones like this really are hard to find. G+ $299

Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST160167 Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge A particularly nice as found tool with only light wear to the nickel on the fence. Marked with the sweetheart logo and the gothic script on the body. Rates a strong G++ $45

Number 278 Combination Fillester and Bullnose

ST151114 Number 278 Combination Fillester and Bullnose This scarce Stanley plane retains about 20% of the original japanning but is in nice original condition. It has been cleaned by a collector. This is an early example with the 1916 patent date on the blade. A good honest example for a reasonable price. G+ $199

Number 85 Scraper Plane Number 85 Scraper Plane

140936 Number 85 Scraper Plane A nice example that needs only a light cleaning. The hold down screw is sweetheart marked. There is a split in the hande at the front of the base, that is tight and is not an issue. Otherwise without complaint and a lovely example that should clean to better than G+ $439

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