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Number 70 Slitting (Cutting) Gauge Number 70 Slitting (Cutting) Gauge

ST21103 Number 70 Slitting (Cutting) Gauge A scarce Stanley model, but quite handy. Stanley did not make a lot of slitting gauges for some reason. This one is only marked with the patent date, which is typical of earlier examples. The cutter is held wedge between two semi-circular pieces. I think that these were probably replaced, because they are wood and I am guessing that they were originally brass, but I am not sure. This gauge is so scarce that I hardly ever get them so I don't remember. I have used this one and it works great. It has been lightly polished by a collector. A great user piece. G+ Sold

Stanley Yankee Dealer Accessories Box Stanley Yankee Dealer Accessories Box Stanley Yankee Dealer Accessories Box Stanley Yankee Dealer Accessories Box

ST211021 Stanley Yankee Dealer Accessories Box This is a case that a Stanley tools dealer would keep behind the counter with spare bits in it for Yankee screwdrivers and drills. I count 34 new screwdriver bits and 19 Drill bits. The case itself is in nice condition with some wear to the outside surface, but still very presentable. If you collect Yankee stuff, this is a find. I haven't seen one before. At about $2.50 a piece it seems like a bargain to me. G++ Sold

Number 7 Bailey Jointer Number 7 Bailey Jointer Number 7 Bailey Jointer

ST210966 Number 7 Bailey Jointer A lightly used Stanley jointer from the early teens. This plane would have rated fine if somebody had not polished the blade so much. They lightly polished the body and it looks great. The lever cap, they polished a little bit too much, but it is OK. Then the blade they really went too far. The japanning is great as is the rosewood. And they did not polish the brass, which is surprising. A great user and with time the blade with get some patina back. This is really a nice plane and with what Bailey planes are bringing lately, this one is a real bargain. G++ Sold

Block Plane Iron Block Plane Iron

ST210980 Block Plane Iron A 1 5/8" wide blade, with the V-trademark, for a Stanley block plane. There are a bunch of models that this fits, so check what width you need. The only complaint on this blade is that the logo is faint. G++ $19

Blade for a Number 7 or similar Width Plane Blade for a Number 7 or similar Width Plane

ST210936 Blade for a Number 7 or similar Width Plane A 2 3/8" Stanley blade with the V trademark from the teens. It is clean and the edge is still sharp. There is some pitting that has been cleaned near the top and it is stampled "C 2". It looks like it was stamped in the same spot on the back and it was ground off. There is about 2" left to the hole, which is near full length. G+ $35

Number 9 1/2 Block Plane Number 9 1/2 Block Plane

ST210948 Number 9 1/2 Block Plane This is a dark as found Stanley block plane that think is from about 1910 - 1930. The little lever that adjusts the throat is missing. Of course you can still adjust it, you just don't have the lever. The blade is a bit later than the plane. The sole has some marks on it and a few tiny chips from the mouth. This will make a great user and it is cheap! Good $29

Number 81 Scraper Number 81 Scraper Number 81 Scraper

ST21096 Number 81 Scraper There is some nickel loss on the handles, but the rosewood sole does not show much wear. The blade is sweetheart marked. Really a nice honest example. G+ $69

Blade for a Number 8 or 608 Blade for a Number 8 or 608

ST21099 Blade for a Number 8 or 608 This is a near full original iron with the 1892 patent date logo. The lower half is very clean and the upper half is lightly oxidized. It looks odd, but this happens more than you think. G+ $35

Blade for a Number 2  or 602 Blade for a Number 2  or 602

ST210913 Blade for a Number 2 or 602 An as found V trademark blade for a #2 sized plane. The blade has scattered staining with some very light pitting up around the logo. G+ $35

1914 Pocket Catalog 1914 Pocket Catalog 1914 Pocket Catalog

ST210925 1914 Pocket Catalog This is a complete 24 page catalog with no tears or creases, but the front and back covers have a lot of surface wear. Copywrite 1914. G+ Sold

Number 55 Instruction Manual Number 55 Instruction Manual

ST210927 Number 55 Instruction Manual This is an original sweetheart marked 22 page instruction booklet from a Stanley 55. These were made on cheap paper and they are fragile. Part of the back cover is missing. I have had dozens of 55s, but very few had the original booklet with them. Good Sold

Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST21088 Number 3 Bailey Smoothing Plane A very clean and little used Stanley smoothing plane from the first decade after the war. It has a rosewood tote and knob. The blade is near full, perhaps down 5%. Fine- $119

Number 20 Square

ST210811 Number 20 Square A nice as found example in 7 1/2" size. This one has the 1896 patent date on the blade. The brass trim is crisp and the blade has a nice patina with some original bluing, turned brown. The rosewood stock shows the most wear and has lost about half of itis original lacquer. A nicer user. G+ $29

Number 45 and 55 Parts Lot Number 45 and 55 Parts Lot Number 45 and 55 Parts Lot

ST210823 Number 45 and 55 Parts Lot This a group of parts that includes two pieces of a 45 body, a pair of short rods, the bottom of an early style 55 cardboard box, and the lid of a 55 chestnut box. The lid has a crack at one end that has been crudely glued. It does not run past half way across. The rails on the sides of the lid are also not complete, as is pretty much always the case. There is also an oddly shaped wooden piece, that came in the box with a 45 and held it in place. Not many of the survived. G+ $48

Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane

ST210760 Number 4C Bailey Smoothing Plane A little used Stanley smoothing plane from about 1940. It has nice rosewood front and rear, but the lever cap is not nickel plated and the adjusting knob is bakelite, both the result of shortaged created by the war in Europe. It has a near full original iron and a medium patina overall. A bargain for the user wanting a good Stanley smoothing plane. G++ $119

Blade Set for Number 45 Combination Plane

ST210773 Blade Set for Number 45 Combination Plane This is an original set of blades for a Stanley 45 of the 1920s or 30s. It is the style that came in fwo separate wooden boxes. It appears to be complate, except that there is no slitter cutter. The blades look like they have been lightly cleaned and the labels on the boxes are deterioriated. This will be a great working set. It is much harder to find a set of blades than it is to find a plane with no blades. G+ $145

Number 12 Try Square Number 12 Try Square

ST2106114 Number 12 Try Square A 6" try square from the early 20th Century. It has the Stanley Rule & Level mark on the blade. It is in nice honest as found condition. There is a detent on the left side of the stock where somebody started to drill a hole in it and stopped. I don't know what that was about. A great user square. G+ $25

Number 67 Spokeshave Flat Sole

ST210724 Number 67 Spokeshave Flat Sole This is the replaceable flat sole for the Number 67 spokeshave. It is as found and a bit dark but most of the nickel is there and it should clean to better than G+ $35

Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane Number 45 Combination Plane

ST210672 Number 45 Combination Plane A circa 1900 Stanley 45 with the floral pattern body, that is complete in the original box. It also has the original screwdriver and the tattered remains of the original instructions. The blade box has a nice original label. The upper edges of the chestnut box are have a number of pieces broken off, but they might all be in the box. The lid to the box is missing. A collector has polished the plane so that it is very clean and a bit on the shiny side. The original nickel is about 60-70% remaining. This is a nice example that is not too good to use, but nice enouch to display in a collection. G++ $249

Number 53 1/2 Architects Rule Number 53 1/2 Architects Rule

ST210664 Number 53 1/2 Architects Rule A 4 fold 24" boxwood rule in as found condition and needing a light cleaning. It doesn't look like it was used much, but it was in the tray of a tool box and the outside has some marks and is a bit dirty. It should clean to at least G+ $75

Number 113 Compass Plane Number 113 Compass Plane

ST210464 Number 113 Compass Plane An early Stanley compass plane with the side wheel depth adjuster and the 1892 patent date logo on the blade. The plane has a pleasing dark patina overall, except for the sole which was protected and is mostly bright steel. More than half of the japanning remains. I hate to try and put a percentage on it, but I would guess about 60% remains. The former collector had labeled this a type 2. I did not bother to check. A nice honest example. G+ $149

Number 87 RUle Number 87 RUle

ST210450 Number 87 Rule A 12" four-fold rule, fully bound in German silver. The German silver is still crisp. The outside of the rule is just as white as the inside. The only small difference is that the markings are not as dark on the outside because the ink has worn a bit. This is not the best example that I have ever seen, but it is right up there with the nicer ones. Fine- Sold

Number 61 Carpenter Number 61 Carpenter

ST210412 Number 61 Carpenter's Rule A crisp as found example of this Stanley 4-fold 24" boxwood rule. G++ Sold

Number 92 Gauge

ST201149 Number 92 Gauge A sweetheart marked example that sadly has been overpolished by somebody who saw brass and lost all self control. It is toning down now, but I hate overcleaned tools so much that I priced it cheap to get it out of my sight. It will make a great user. It looks like it has seen very little use and is actually still quite crisp. G+ $75

Number 53 1/2 Architect Number 53 1/2 Architect

ST201053 Number 53 1/2 Architect's Rule A crisp example that still retains much original lacquer on the brass. Not a common rule and this one has clearly not been used a whole lot. G++ $89

Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge

ST200643 Number 93 Butt & Rabbet Gauge A very clean as found example with the early gothic style logo. G++ $59

Number 138 Level Sights

ST2004126 Number 138 Level Sights An apparently new set in the original box. The level sights are sweetheart marked. The box is post war, but clearly original. This was not a hot seller and they probably never changed the dies. They are mounted on the original piece of wood that came in the box. Fine $45

Number 65 Marking Gauge

ST20041 Number 65 Marking Gauge This is the later style with the triangular stock, but it is boxwood. The later examples were maple. This one has not seen a lot of use. A hang hole was drilled in the far end, and they let it tear out the wood on the back side of the hole. A great user example. G+ $39

Number 7506 Tape Measure

ST200353 Number 7506 Tape Measure This is a scarce tape measure, and I can see why. It is not one of Stanley's more clever ideas. It is patented. The tape does not self retract, you have to push it back in. The last bit of it has bends in the tape where it was binding when pushing it back in. I put a few drops of machine oil into it and now it retracts much more freely. The exterior is in very clean condition. I didn't rate it higher because of the minor bends in the tape. G++ $25

Number 90 Marking Gauge Number 90 Marking Gauge

ST20035 Number 90 Marking Gauge A used but well cared for example. I think that the casting on this one is the first style that was used, but I don't claim to have studied these. The pin is very worn down. It still works but it is at the end of its useful life. This is of course easy to replace. G+ $36

Number 38 1/2 Pocket Level

ST19033 Number 38 1/2 Pocket Level A nice sweetheart marked example that has probably been very lightly cleaned by a collector. G+ $36

Number 10 or10 1/2 Blade

ST190316 Number 10 or 10 1/2 Blade This is an original iron for a Stanely rabbet plane like a 10, 10 1/4, or 10 1/2. It has just shy of 1/2" remaining and has the 1892 patent date logo. G+ $35

No. 90 Marking Gauge

ST181096 No. 90 Marking Gauge A very clean example in the later style without any decoration in the casting. Fine $39

Number 299 Trimming Knife

ST1610120 Number 299 Trimming Knife A Stanley box knife in the original box. The box lists a slew of uses, but opening boxes is actually not on the list. I can still hear blades in the handle. The box is from the 1950s and is in nice condition. The tool is painted red and the red has some light wear and the initials F J scratched in. G+ $39

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