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Wooden Planes

Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

for British, Canadian, & European Wooden Planes

American Wooden Planes

Scioto Works Scioto Works

WP221129 Scioto Works This is a typical coffin smoothing plane, 8" long with a 2 1/8" wide iron. Unlike most, it is not heavily worn and the cheeks are not split. In other words, this one will make a great user for a reasonable price. G+ $65

Chapin-Stephens, Union Factory Chapin-Stephens, Union Factory

WP221123 Chapin-Stephens, Union Factory A lightly used moving fillester that will make a great user. It has a very pale surface, but it doesn't look cleaned and that may just be that it was never coated with linseed oil, which was the common practice for new wooden planes. They tapered friction fit nicker is missing. You can grind one of these from stock, but as a user the nicker is really not that important. Most of the time you are not using a fillester cross grain. I use mine mostly to prepare stock for a molding plane. The fence also has the typical cracks were it shrunk and the metal plate for the screws has forced the wood to crack. It is fine the way it is,or you can remove the brass piece, file it down, glue the crack, and put it back in. A great deal for a user. G+ Sold

Sandusky Tool Co. 133 Sandusky Tool Co. 133 Sandusky Tool Co. 133 Sandusky Tool Co. 133 Sandusky Tool Co. 133 Sandusky Tool Co. 133

WP221116 Sandusky Tool Co. 133 In nearly 40 years of tool dealing this is the first time that I have found a really nice rosewood plow with decorative tips, that has never been molested by an old time collector. These finacy plows were the holy grail to old time collectors and when they found them, they invariably overcleaned them. In fact, I did a quick search on Sandusky Tool Co. 133 and a heavily overcleaned example comes up on a competitor's website, sold for $1500. This one has its original French polished finish. The skate is not rusty and the brass plate has a nice patina. The brass depth stop adjuster also has a nice patina and has clearly not been removed. Whenever these have been removed, it is usually obvious, and not in a good way. The decorative tips are yellowed, as is normal on genuine examples. More faking of these have been done than one would think. Expecially back in the 70s and 80s. On the negative side, this one has some modest chipping on the rosewood threads and the wedge finial is pretty bad. One of the rosewood nuts was craked and glued. This is a period repair and could be made invisible without much trouble. Also, one of thesteel screws that hold the fence to the arms was replaced. I would have John Porrit make a new wedge. Otherwise you just want to clean it with a soft cloth and museum grade wax. This is a gem for serious collector and priced very gently to allow you plenty of margin to get a wedge made and still come out ahead. It comes with one 1/4" Sandusky marked iron that is original to this plane. G++ $999

J.T. Brown J.T. Brown

WP22107 J.T. Brown A 1 1/4" skew rabbet plane. This plane is from an old local collection and it has a very thin coat of something on it, probably tung oil. It has a some dings in the sole where it was used to tap something, and some similar dings on the sides. It is still a nice plane that was made in Baltimore by a maker, rather than a factory. Good enough for a collector or it will make a great user for the discerning craftsperson. G+ $59

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

WP221025 Unmarked A nice as found moving fillester. The plates that are dovetailed into the fence to protect it from the adjusting screw are missing. It is usuable as is, but these should be replaced. I priced it to reflect this. G+ $65

Wm. Goldsmith, Philada Wm. Goldsmith, Philada

WP22057 Wm. Goldsmith, Philada A scarce early 19th Century Philadelphia maker made coffin smoothing plane. The right cheek has the common split where the body shrinkages and the blade doesn't, pushing out the side. It has a 2 1/8" wide Butcher iron that I presume is original. The sole is not worn and the mouth is still good. There is a chip on the upper front edge of the plane and the mark is rather faint. The wood looks untouched and has a nice patina. The blade has a little bit of finish loss around the edges where an idiot thought that he was cleaning it. G+ $65

Wm. C. Ross, 44 Light St. Balto Wm. C. Ross, 44 Light St. Balto

WP22018 Wm. C. Ross, 44 Light St. Balto A nice as found twin-ironed 1 1/4" nosing plane. There is one small spot on the right front edge that is worn like rat chew, but it does not exhibit the tell-tale tooth marks and I do not know what caused it. G++ $40

W. Cooley, Blackstone St. Boston W. Cooley, Blackstone St. Boston

WP160322 W. Cooley, Blackstone St. Boston This is a very rare form by a rare maker. A 1/4" curved dado plane. This plane is not standard length, it is more coachmaker size. As found condition, it is quite crisp, but with a dirty, blotchy patina. This plane needs a careful cleaning. Highly recommended for the advanced collector. G+ $249

Creagh & Rickard Creagh & Rickard

WP211166 Creagh & Rickard A 1/2" coming & going match plane by a scarce early Cincinatti partnership that is believed to have only worked in 1829. The plane also bears the owner's mark of Samuel Leffel, a name that is unique enough to be researchable. The plane is smooth from being rubbed down with steel wool. One wedge has the common lengthwise split and is scratched from having clogs cleared. This is a nice plane that a user or collector should appreciate, but being conservative in my grading, I only gave it Good $109

B. Sheneman, Phila B. Sheneman, Phila B. Sheneman, Phila

WP211159 B. Sheneman, Phila A rare miniature applewood Philadelphia smoothing plane from the Carl Bopp collection of Philadphia tools. The body has a lovely patina. The wedge is beech, which was done because it holds better than applewood on applewood, which is so hard that it doesn't compress enough to hold well. There is a split on the right side in the usual spot. The front is lower than the rear from use. This plane was clearly well used, but cared for. G+ $89

Sandoe & Edelen, Manuf., Shellebager Sandoe & Edelen, Manuf., Shellebager Sandoe & Edelen, Manuf., Shellebager Sandoe & Edelen, Manuf., Shellebager

WP21108 Sandoe & Edelen, Manuf., Shellebager's Patent, 1848 A rare Shellebager's Patent smoothing plane. The patent was for an unusual cap iron that doubles as the mouth of the sole, giving the plane a Norris style mouth on a wooden coffin smoothing plane. I used one years ago and I can tell you that once you have it set up right, it really works well. The setup is critical. This one is in nice untouched condition. Most of the original Butcher iron remains. There is some roughness to the top of the wedge and a big chip out of the back edge of the wedge. The plane body has a pleasing patina and shows only light wear. There is just the hint of a split in the right rear cheek, but really just a hint and not something that would bother me. This is the best example of one of these that I have handled. From the Carl Bopp collection. G+ $199

Delia Antiaue Tool Museum

WP220924 Delia Antiaue Tool Museum A 3 1/8" long bench plane that is really a pencil sharpener. It came from the Delia Antique Tool Museum in Connecticut, which if you haven't been, is well worth a visit when you are in New England. Free to the first person who orders it and spends at least $125 on old tools. Fine $0

Winstead Plane Co. Winstead Plane Co. Winstead Plane Co. Winstead Plane Co. Winstead Plane Co.

WP210937 Winstead Plane Co. An honest as found handled rosewood plow plane. Rosewood plow planes are one of the tools that every collector seeks out, so very few of them remain unmolested. This one has never been touched by a collector. It has a a few minor issues, but is really nice plane ready to clean properly. The first issue is that the spur has a chip from the end, but not terrible. The second is a small hole in the left side of the body that I really can't explain. Who knows why people do what they do. This would be easily to fill with a lacquer stick such that you would never notice it. Third, and last, is that one of the arms is cracked at the base, but is held together by the screw that holds the fence on. This is noted with an arrow. The wedge and the arms and nuts are boxwood. Rosewood wedges do not hold well in a rosewood body. The 3/8" blade is unmarked but looks original to the plane. The iron skate has a light patina but is not rusty. The brass is crisp with nice color. A great chance to buy a nice rosewood plow for a reasonable price. G+ $249

C. Lindenberger C. Lindenberger C. Lindenberger

WP200155 C. Lindenberger Christopher Lindenberger was a son of the famous Rhode Island planemaker John Lindenberger. He migrated to Columbus Ohio and this plane was probably made in Ohio. The mark is quite a scarce mark and is ranked as a 3 star mark in Tom's book. This plane is in decent as found condition. It is missing the blade and wedge, as well as one of the arm wedges. I am suspicious that the existing arm wedge is replaced, but I can't see why anyone would replace just one wedge when both were missing. The back of the plane bears the dreaded "J.A. Moody" stamp and inventory number. J.A Moody was an early collector, who wrote the book, American Wooden Plow Planes. The edge of the fence is reeded, an unusual but attractive touch. An important plane for a collector of early Ohio tools, that can easily be restored to be quite presentable. G++ $99

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British, Canadian, European & Other Wooden Planes

I. Ames I. Ames

WP22105 I. Ames A crisp as found 1/4" dado. These small dados are used for things like putting in dividers in a desk or secretary. Dados are higly prone to being warped, which eliminates about half of them from my consideration. The problem is even worse on the narrow ones like this because it is usually possible to remove a bit of wood on the wider ones to make them usable. G++ $69

Varvill & Sons Ltd. Ebor Works, York

WP220930 Varvill & Sons Ltd. Ebor Works, York A pair of 3/8" match planes. These planes have a very light varnish on them that was probably added, but a long time ago. A nice working pair. G+ $65

Hotzapfel & Co, 64 Charing Cross Hotzapfel & Co, 64 Charing Cross Hotzapfel & Co, 64 Charing Cross

WP220815 Hotzapfel & Co, 64 Charing Cross A most unusual set of match planes. These are for joining stock from 1/8" to 1/4" thick. The groove blade is not much thicker than 1/32". I acquired these from the collection of Hal Prucha about 30 years ago. I never thought that I would ever part with them, but it is time to let somebody else enjoy them. Hal thought that they were for making early cameras, to ensure air tight joints. That is as good an explanation as any, but I wouldn't want to pretend that I know. It did have another pair of these, by a different maker, about 5 years ago. They were nice, but not as good as these. They measure 7 3/4" long. The condition is best descibes as sublime. Fine $795

I Scofield I Scofield

MP200447 I Scofield A nice as found right hand side rebate. G++ $39

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP80428 Unmarked This is a rare matched pair of Scottish door check planes. They have been in my collection for more than 25 years. They are uncleaned and could use a careful waxing. The right side plane is in perfect condition, little used with a full iron. The left side plane is more worn, and the iron is down below the top of the wedge, and the side is split from shrinkage on the blade. It is still perfectly useable and in fact I did use it once years ago. I don't recall ever seeing another pair of these rare planes. They are 4 3/8" long. G+ $149

W. Dibb, York W. Dibb, York

WP210270 W. Dibb, York A dirty as found spar plane that is from the North of England workshop tools that we bought. The actual profile is 1 1/2" wide. The plane should clean up nicely and make a great user. G+ $49

King & Compe, Hull King & Compe, Hull

WP210210 King & Compe, Hull A 1" spar plane in as found condition and needing a careful cleaning. It has double iron by Ibbottson that looks to be full length. From the North of England workshop that we bought. G+ $65

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP110215 Unmarked A lovely fruitwood smoothing plane that I would guess is either south German, Swiss, or Austrian. Very nicely decorated, and with a very pleasing patina. I am not sure of the age, but it could be 18th Century. The iron is marked "FRHA" with a mark that certainly looks like it could be 18th Century. There is some old worming, primarily towards the front. Measures 11 3/8" long. I have had this plane for 20 years, and before that it was in the great Harold Prucha collection. Highly recommended. Good $399

Irons and Cap Irons (Blades and Chip Breakers)

Molding Plane Irons

WP221119 Molding Plane Irons A lot of 6 original molding plane irons. They ranged in width from 1 1/16" to 2 3/8". At $8 each they are cheap. One is marked Butcher and one is marked Thos. Ibbottson. G+ $48

Buck Brothers Buck Brothers

WP22117 Buck Brothers An original 19th Century Buck Brothers box for 1/2 dozen 2 1/4" wide plane irons, and now containing one such iron. The iron has been gound properly for use in a jack or fore plane and has a gentle curve to the edge, but it has its full original length. It has some slight deformation of the upper edge, so it clearly was used a bit. It measures 7 13/16" overall. THe box has a nice exterior including the label for the Philadelphia exhibition. There is some added brown paper tape to the interior, carefully applied to reinforce corners. This has been in my collection for years. G++ $75

E.M. Chapin, Pine Meadow, Conn

WP220925 E.M. Chapin, Pine Meadow, Conn A matched set of 6 graduated plow irons in sizes 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 7/16, 1/2, and 5/8". E.M. Chapin was one of H. Chapin's sons and a partner in the Union Factory business. He took over the company after H. Chapin died, but Idon't know what his name was marked on some blades but not on planes. These blaes all have some light surface rust and some defornmation to the tops. The two smallest sizes have a slight bend , as seen in the photo, which is easy to correct. G+ $89

Set of 4 Plow Irons Set of 4 Plow Irons

WP220114 Set of 4 Plow Irons This is a matching set of 4 plow irons from an original set of 8. They are not marked, but are relatively early, late 18th or early 19th Century. The sizes are 5/32", 3/8", 7/16", & 9/16". They are in as found condition with light oxidation. G+ $39

Lot of 13 British Plow Irons

WP220125 Lot of 13 British Plow Irons A mixed lot of 13 plow irons. All of them are in usable condition. At less than $4 each, this is a steal! G+ $49

W. Butcher W. Butcher

WP211270 W. Butcher A 2 5/8" cap iron in nice as found condition. It has a medium patina and some light rust. Signed W. Butcher cap irons are not easy to find. G+ $35

I&H Sorby I&H Sorby

WP211267 I&H Sorby A matching set of four plow irons, probably early part of the 19th Century. The sizes are 3/16", 5/16", 3/8", and 7/16". The 3/16" is heavily rusted at the very end, but with some minor grinding it will be good to go. The 7/16" is rusty at the top end, but is fine to use. They are otherwise in nice as found condition. G+ $39

Three Early Plow Irons Three Early Plow Irons

WP211275 Three Early Plow Irons These are 3 unrelated British plow irons, but all signed by early makers. First is a 7/16" by F. Stones. Second a 7/16" by James Cam. Third a 9/16" by Partridge that is ground to a V. At $15 each these are cheap for 18th Century irons. G+ $45

Dwights French & Co. Dwights French & Co.

WP211277 Dwights French & Co. A matching set of 3 American plow irons which are quite thick. The sizes are 1/8", 3/16", and 11/16". G+ $39

Plow Irons Plow Irons Plow Irons

WP211243 Plow Irons A wooden box containing 32 19th Century British plow irons. All of them are good useable plow irons. When I am asked to find a plow iron of a given sized that fits a particular plane, this is the box to which I have turn. Over the years I have taken out quite a few irons, but the one that are left are in no way inferior to those that were removed. A great resource to a dealer and at $4 each, dirt cheap. G+ - Fine- $128

W. Butcher W. Butcher

WP211211 W. Butcher A 2 1/4" wide uncut tapered iron that measures 7 5/8" overall. The edge is ground with a pronounced radius, perhaps for a gutter plane. G+ $30

Ohio Tool Co. Ohio Tool Co.

WP211145 Ohio Tool Co. A 2 1/2" wide tapered iron, 7 3/4" overall with 1 3/4" of useable blade remaining. As found condition. G+ Sold

John Green John Green

WP210727 John Green This is a little used 18th Century toothing plane iron that is 2 1/8" wide and 7" overall. It has the original surface as it left the blacksmith's shop. Fine $50

W. Butcher W. Butcher

WP210751 W. Butcher A 2 5/8" wide cap iron in as found condition. There is some rust on the upper right and surface, but it is otherwise in nice condition. G+ $19

Unmarked Unmarked

WP210753 Unmarked A lovely as found 2" cap iron. I think that it is relatively early. Fine- $24

Alexr Mathieson & Son, Glasgow Alexr Mathieson & Son, Glasgow

WP21078 Alexr Mathieson & Son, Glasgow A 2 1/8" cap iron in honest as found condition. Would clean to better than G+ $20

Unmarked Unmarked

WP210714 Unmarked A nice as found American chip breaker in 2 1/8" size. This is the style where the steel is threaded and there is no bolster. G+ $20


WP210718 Unmarked A 2 3/16" wide cap iron in dark as found condition. The corners of the working edge have been radiused. The screw is missing. Free to the first person who orders it and spends at least $100 on old tools. Good $0


WP210722 Unmarked This is a horrible looking, but probably quite early, 2 3/16: wide cap iron. It is the early type where a hole was punched into it and threaded. The original hole is plugged with something, it might just be dirt, and there is a later second hole. Free to the first person who orders it and spends at least $50 on old tools. G- $0

A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow

WP210639 A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow A very nice as found 2 1/2" wide cap iron. G++ $30

Unmarked Unmarked

WP210645 Unmarked A 2 1/2" wide American made chip breaker with medium dark patina. Some mushrooming on the sides and top from being struck with a hammer to adjust. G+ $25

Atkinson & Sons Atkinson & Sons

WP210656 Atkins & Sons A 2 1/4" cap iron. It has some rust on the top but should clean to G+ $16

Unmarked Unmarked

WP210659 Unmarked A 2 1/4" American chip-breaker in as found condition. It needs only a light cleaning and it should rate at least G+ $19

Fred Green, Sheffield Fred Green, Sheffield

WP210665 Fred Green, Sheffield A 1 15/16" wide cap-iron with very light surface rust on the top side. It should clean up nicely. G+ $16

J& R. Dodge J& R. Dodge

WP210618 J& R. Dodge An unused double rabbet (rebate) iron. It measures 13/16" wide. Toland used irons like this one. Dodge is a scarce maker and I am not sure where they were based. I recall having a chisel by them years ago. Nice untouched and unused condition. Fine $45

Ohio Tool Co, Thistle Brand Ohio Tool Co, Thistle Brand

WP210471 Ohio Tool Co, Thistle Brand A 2 1/4" wide tapered iron with the original cap iron. This is the style of cap iron that does not have a bolster and will go into an infill plane much easier. The blade has 2 3/8" left to the hole and is 7 3/4" overall. There is some mionor deformation along the top edge. Fine- $38


WP210476 Unmarked A 2 7/16" wide cap iron that is in nice as found condition, but the screw is missing. It is only marked Waranted Steel. It is lightly rusted where the wedge of a plane was not covering it. Free to the first person who orders it and spends at least $100 on old tools. G+ $0

Unmarked Unmarked

WP210480 Unmarked A 1 3/4" wide uncut tapered iron that is 5 5/16" overall. It looks like it was cleaned by a collector, perhaps a bit over zealously. G+ $26

James Cam James Cam

WP210448 James Cam A 2 1/8" wide iron that has 1 1/8" remaining and is 5 15/16" overall. Presumably from a small smoothing plane. It has light pitting over much of its surface. Good $18

Auburn Tool Co

WP201135 Auburn Tool Co A 2 1/8" wide un-cut tapered iron that meaures 6 7/8" overall. The edge is ground with a pronounced curvature, more than you would want for a jack plane. It was probably last used in a scrub configuration. G+ $25

I & H. Sorby

WP201138 I & H. Sorby A 2 1/2" wide blade that has been properly ground for use in a jack plane. It is 6 1/2" overall and is in nice as found condition. G+ $19



WP201063 Unmarked A 2" wide cap-iron that has light oxidation. This is the kind were there is no protruding bolster. It is almost certainly American. G+ $18


WP2004116 Unmarked A nice as found 2" cap iron. It is missing the screw. G++ $9

Gleave & Son, Manchester

WP2004104 Gleave & Son, Manchester A nice as found 2" cap iron. The bolster has been ground down a bit to provide clearance for something. G+ $16


WP200433 Unmarked A 2 1/4" wide cap iron that has been cleaned and has some patches of light pitting. The bolster has been ground down a bit to clear a lever cap. G+ $16

A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow

WP200438 A Mathieson & Son, Glasgow An as found cap-iron measuring just over 2 1/16" wide. The bolster has been ground down a bit. G+ $16

I. Sorby, Punch Brand

WP20044 I. Sorby, Punch Brand A 2 1/4" tapered iron with its original cap iron. About 2" remains one the blade. The pair are covered in light rust but hopefully should clean to better than. Good $29

W. Butcher

WP20047 W. Butcher A 2 7/16" wide iron that is ground for use in a panel raiser. It has 1 1/6" remaining. G+ $15


WP20048 Illegible A 2 1/4" wide tapered iron that is ground properly for a jack plane with a gentle curve to the edge. It has 1 7/8" remaining. The working end is OK but the top half of the blade is pitted. Still a great user. Good $19

W. Marples

WP20049 W. Marples A 2" wide tapered iron with 1 1/4" remaining. G+ $12

W. Butcher

WP200410 W. Butcher A tapered iron that masures just over 2 1/4" wide and has 1 1/2" remaining. The upper half is pitted and the lower half has some extremely light surface rust that will polish off without any issues. G+ $19

W. Butcher, Sheffield W. Butcher, Sheffield

WP200143 W. Butcher, Sheffield A 2 5/8" cap iron off of a big bench plane. Some surface rust but untouched and with a nice look. G+ $29

W. Marples & Sons

WP191126 W. Marples & Sons A 2 1/2" cap iron with no screw. Some light rust. G+ $12

W. Butcher

WP190956 W. Butcher A 2 3/8" wide iron that measures 6 1/8" overall and has been ground with a curve, either for a gutter plane or a pattern maker's plane. Nice untouched condition. G++ $16

W. Gilpin

WP19092 W. Gilpin A 2 7/16" wide iron with orignal cap iron. Rusty overall. The blade has 1 3/8" left on it. The cap iron is the early type were a hole was punched into it and then threaded, rather than installing a bolster. The mark is an early mark with a crown over Gilpin. Good $15

Hancock Tool, Extra Steel

WP190125 Hancock Tool, Extra Steel A 2 1/4" tapered iron with its orginal cap iron. This is a good cap-iron for an infill plane because it doesn't have a bolster to interfere with the lever cap. This iron has 1 5/16" remaining. As found with light surface oxidation. G+ $29

Sandusky Tool Co

MI180823 Sandusky Tool Co A 2 1/8" tapered iron with a lovely untouched patina. 1 7/8" remains to the hole. There is moderate mushrooming to the top and a bit of rust on the back. G+ $30

Robert Sorby

WP190147 Robert Sorby A nice clean tapered iron that measures a bit under 2 1/4", really 2 7/32". It mics to 175 thousandths of an inch and has 1 3/8" remaining. Minor mushrooming to the top edge. G++ $19

Hearnshaw Brothers

WP190131 Hearnshaw Brothers A 2 1/4" wide iron that is tapered, but only not as much as most. It has a light taper and is still quite thick at the top. It mics to 200 thousandths at the cutting edge and 142 thousandths of an inch at the top. It has 2 1/2" left, which is about full length. The top has some light pitting, but the bottom is bright and while as found, will clean easily. G+ $28

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