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Wooden Planes

Explanation of Our Condition Grading System

Frequently Asked Vintage Tool Questions

for British, Canadian, & European Wooden Planes

American Wooden Planes

C. Lindenberger C. Lindenberger C. Lindenberger

WP200155 C. Lindenberger Christopher Lindenberger was a sone of the famous Rhode Island planemaker John Lindenberger. He migrated to Columbus Ohio and this plane was probably made in Ohio. The mark is quite a scarce mark and is ranked as a 3 star mark in Tom's book. This plane is in decent as found condition. It is missing the blade and wedge, as well as one of the arm wedges. I am suspicious that the existing arm wedge is replaced, but I can't see why anyone would replace just one wedge when both were missing. The back of the plane bears the dreaded "J.A. Moody" stamp and inventory number. J.A Moody was an early collector, who wrote the book, American Wooden Plow Planes. The edge of the fence is reeded, an unusual but attractive touch. An important plane for a collector of early Ohio tools, that can easily be restored to be quite presentable. G++ $99

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

WP191245 Unmarked This is an attractive handled boxwood plow plane with an original French polished finish and nickel plated brass trim, both extra-cost original features. The nickel is thinning a bit but is still very evident. The 1/2": blade that is in it looks like an original blade to me. Somebody has planed on the bottom of the wedge without knowing what they were doing. Boxwood wedges in boxwood planes are notorious for not holding well and they were probably trying to improve that. If you want to use the plane, you will want to glue some veneer on to the wedge where it was planed and then reshape it to duplicate what it was before it was modified. As a collector's piece, you won't see this, because it is the end of the wedge that is in the plane that was adjusted. There is a minor chip from the top of the tote spur and some minor thread damage, but nothing that is an issue for a plane at this condition level. On the side of the wedge you can still read the original hardware store price code. The price is a gift for a good quality toted boxwood plow, reflecting the need to fix the wedge. G+ $135

Pattern Maker Pattern Maker

WP191253 Pattern Maker's Plane A pattern maker's removable sole plane. It has three soles, but I only have the blade that is in it. Usually these planes had a separate blade to match the radius of each sole. The blade is 1" wide and the plane is 7 inches long, which is really quite small for this type of plane. Fine $65

Ohio Tool Co Ohio Tool Co

WP191257 Ohio Tool Co A one inch wide skew rabbet. There is a hole drilled in the front and one in the back. I don't know why. Just a good honest user plane. G+ $25

Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked Unmarked

WP1910115 Unmarked This is a boxwood plow that was clearly made by Denison, but is not signed. What makes it a find is that it has the full original set of irons with it. The plane has been "cleaned" with steel wool and the brass polished by a fool, but he left the blades alone,so they still rate fine. It will make a great user, but because of the fool I rate the plane G+ $299

Unmarked Unmarked

WP19124 Unmarked A one inch skewed rabbet that is razor sharp and ready to use. It is from a working shop. This plane has a heinously ugly surface and is not something that I would sell, but I am fine to give it away. It is free to the first person who orders it and spends $200 on old tools. It will make a great user. Good SOLD

D. Colton, Phila D. Colton, Phila D. Colton, Phila D. Colton, Phila

WP161223 D. Colton, Phila This is a truly rare plane, a handled screw arm Philadelphia sash fillester. I have never seen another handled example. It has the desirable tool sign logo as well. Lignum boxed. The threads have numerous small chips but no bad spots. The wedge is not correct for this plane. I would get John Porritt to make you a new one. The depth stop adjusting hardware has not been polished and still has traces of original lacquer. From an important old collection of Philadelphia planes. G+ $469

T. Tileston, Boston, Front St.

WP161026 T. Tileston, Boston, Front St. A rare scrolled wedge American mitre plane. 12" long with a 2" wide blade. The blade is bevel up. As found and needing a proper cleaning. There is a sliver missing from the right front edge of the sole, as identified with an arrow. For the advanced collector of American wooden planes. G+ $195

Craftsman Made

WP200162 Craftsman Made A user made 5/8" going and coming match plane. Not the most elegant of work, but hopefully it can be made to work well. I have not tried. It is free to the first person who orders it and spends $150 on old tools. G+ SOLD

Ohio Tool Co. Ohio Tool Co. Ohio Tool Co.

WP160656 Ohio Tool Co. A scarce screw arm fillester that has nickers to cut on both sides, but the depth stop is only on the right side. To use it as a sash fillester you would need to tack on a depth stop. This is an older Ohio Tool Co. mark when their stuff was still quite good quality. There is a crack in one of the stop nuts and a bit of thread loss, all in one spot. It should be fine to use just as it is, or you can try and glue the nut, These nuts break because of shrinkage, not use, so they are hard to glue unless you fill the crack a bit. Pulling the crack tight recreated the stress that caused the crack. G+ $129

W. Cooley, Blackstone St. Boston W. Cooley, Blackstone St. Boston

WP160322 W. Cooley, Blackstone St. Boston This is a very rare form by a rare maker. A 1/4" curved dado plane. This plane is not standard length, it is more coachmaker size. As found condition, it is quite crisp, but with a dirty, blotchy patina. This plane needs a careful cleaning. Highly recommended for the advanced collector. G+ $269

S. Cumings S. Cumings S. Cumings S. Cumings

WP160333 S. Cumings A very scarce and superb solid boxwood American slide arm plow plane. This plane is as found, but if you carefully clean it with dry automotive rubbing compound, the original French polish finish will shine like new. You can see that the finish is still intact under the dirty. The screws that hold the skate on are crisp and still show original bluing. Holding the brass plate onto the skate are 4 small screws that have been ground flush. I have never seen this. The brass plate is crisp like new. There is some paint rubbed onto the fence, which of course can be cleaned off. This plane has been in my own collection for some time and I have never seen a better example. For the connoisseur. Fine $495

P. Chapin, Maker, Balto P. Chapin, Maker, Balto

WP150728 P. Chapin, Maker, Balto A massive panel raiser with the trademark Baltimore wedge, that is found on some Baltimore bench planes. This plane has a working width of up to 2 3/4" and the blade is 3 1/4" wide. It is a full original Butcher iron. THe plane is a bit dirty, but shows very little wear and should clean up to better than G+ $299

H.L. Kendall, Washington, DC

WP150412 H.L. Kendall, Washington, DC A very scarce American meeting rail plane (for making double hung windows) with a rare Washington DC mark. Superb as found condition. This plane has the same owner's mark as WP150350 by J.T. Brown. For the connoisseur. G++ $395

D. Colton, 179 Market St. 489 S. 2nd St. Philada

WP14042 D. Colton, 179 Market St. 489 S. 2nd St. Philada A massive panel raiser with a 4" wide Butcher iron. Dark as found condition, it should clean up nicely. The mark is not super clear, but it is unusual in having both addresses for Colton shown on the same plane. One was probably added later when they moved and the plane was still in stock, but that is pure speculation on my part. I don't think that this plane has seen much use. G+ $245

W. Steele, Wheeling W. Steele, Wheeling W. Steele, Wheeling

WP13117 W. Steele, Wheeling A rare American screw arm sash fillester by a Virginia maker, and yes, Wheeling was in Virginia when this plane was made. Steele planes are scarce and American sash fillesters are scarce. A sash fillester by Steele is unique in my experience. It has a boxwood faced fence, but I don't see how the boxwood is held on. It is not done like one would expect with a sliding dovetail. The depth stop is friction fit and is still tight. The plane doesn't look to have seen much user. I would have rated it higher but for small nicks on the arms and one nut. One arm is split at the base, as is common, but it is tight. For the advanced wooden plane collector. G+ $245

for top of American Wooden Planes

British, Canadian, European & Other Wooden Planes

ECE Plow Plane ECE Plow Plane ECE Plow Plane

WP200147 ECE Plow Plane This is a crisp and barely used ECE plow plane from the early 1970s, complete with all 6 original blades. This plane retails for $430 new. This one has some very light surface corrosion on the depth stop and the skate, but as a user is just as good as new. Fine- $149

ECE Primus Jack Plane ECE Primus Jack Plane

WP200154 ECE Primus Jack Plane This is an older example, from the 1970s, with the lignum sole. The newer planes utilize a hornbeam sole. Lignum is a great wood but I am a firm believe that it should not be used for new work now that it is a protected species. This plane has been used, but not abused. It should last another lifetime. Suprisingly, for a plane that was used quite a bit, the blade is still ground straight across, not convex like it should be for a jack plane. These ECE jack planes really make great user tools. G+ $99

ECE 710P Primus Rabbet Plane ECE 710P Primus Rabbet Plane

WP200120 ECE 710P Primus Rabbet Plane This is the top of the line ECE rabbet (rebate) plane and has the lignum sole with adjustable mouth. The width is 30mm (1 3/16"). This is an older one from the 1970s with the steel screw in the rear, as opposed to plastic on the newer ones. It has been well cared for and lightly used. We sold these for years and only stopped when we decided to exit the new tool business. Our last price on them was $180, and we were always the cheapest ones around. Fine- $139

ECE Smoothing Plane ECE Smoothing Plane

WP200121 ECE Smoothing Plane I am not sure which model number this is. It looks like the ECE Primus smoothing planes that we sold for years, except that it has no adjuster. It has the fruitwood body and lignum sole, as well as the adjustable mouth. The blade is held tight with a traditional lever cap and is adjusted manually. This plane came to us from the original owner who bought it in the 1960s. He loved ECE planes and this was his first one that started the affair. It has been used more than his other planes, but well cared for. There is a spot on the left side where the finish was rubbed and worn off. The upper exposed surface of the iron has light corrosion. A great working tool, ECE smoothers are hard to beat. They have a steeper pitch iron by 5 degrees from a Bailey plane and that really makes a difference on difficult grain. G+ $119

Edward Preston, Birmingham Edward Preston, Birmingham

WP200113 Edward Preston, Birmingham A classic Preston patent chamfer plane. It retains its original French polish finish and Preston marked iron. The brass nose piece has been polished, but otherwise I have complaints. A nice example for a user or mid-level collector. G++ $129

Unmarked Unmarked

WP191233 Unmarked An unmarked Preston made chamfer plane. It is clearly a Preston made plane that was made to be marked by a reseller. The original polished finish is still good. It has been waxed by a collector and the front nose has been lightly polished. This plane wodl be $40 more if it was marked since collectors want them marked. A great deal for a user. G++ $99

E.C. Emmerich E.C. Emmerich

WP191213 E.C. Emmerich This is an ECE 701P jointer plane that was bought in the 1970s and carefully used since then. We acquired it from the original owner. The plane has minor normal marks from storage and use over years but is sharp and ready to use. With the lignum sole these planes will last as well as iron planes. Certainly as good as a new one for a user and much cheaper. G++ SOLD

Mackay, Burley, & Heys, Glasgow Mackay, Burley, & Heys, Glasgow Mackay, Burley, & Heys, Glasgow

WP191017 Mackay, Burley, & Heys, Glasgow A sash fillester with impressive 4 dovetail boxing. This kind of fancy boxing never ceases to amaze me. A real tour de force of planemaking skill . The plane has the original boxwood arm and nicker wedges. It has been cleaned slightly more than I like, and there is minor deformation to the wedge finial. These things prevented it from achieving a higher grading but it is still a very nice plane. G++ $119

E. Preston E. Preston E. Preston E. Preston

WP190949 E. Preston A superb example of a scarce British plow plane with scales inlaid into the arms. This feature is quite scarce and when it does appear the planes are invariable well used. This plane is quite crisp and the nicest example of its kind that I have seen. The scales are still quite white with clean crsip markings. The brass trim is untouched with crisp original surface. Behind the blade there is a decorative brass inlay, a feature that I have seen a few times on best quality English plows. The skatie has light surface rust but is much cleaner than typcial for plows. One of the two boxwood arm wedges has had its end with the finial cut off. Presumably after the finial broke off they cut off the end to make it look better. I didn't even notice at first. I doubt that you will find a better example of this rare form. G++ $229

P. Barens P. Barens P. Barens P. Barens

WP190249 P. Barens Pieter Barens worked in Rotterdam in the late 18th and early 19th Century. This plane is in the style of the dated Dutch planes, but it is not dated. It has the original iron and is in the best condition of any early Dutch plane that I have seen. It is also not wormy. Most Dutch planes have some woodworm. There are small holes in the sole, and some on the side, but these are tack holes from fences and stops being applied. The plane cuts a fielded panel with a curved edge. I hesitate to call it a panel raiser because it has no fence or depth stop, these being applied as necessary. It is just under 7 1/2" long and the blade is a bit under 2" wide. This is a connoisseur grade tool from my personal collection. Fine $279

Wm Marples & Sons, Hibernia, Sheffield Wm Marples & Sons, Hibernia, Sheffield Wm Marples & Sons, Hibernia, Sheffield

WP181146 Wm Marples & Sons, Hibernia, Sheffield A very crisp as found sash fillester. This plane is rather late, probably 1930s but maybe even 1950s. That is why i tis so cheap for such a little used example. It will be fine to use, but it just ins't has finely made as an early example. The only defect that I could find is a chip in the lower edge of one of the boxwood arm wedges, and I'm not sure but that isn't just the natural edge of the wood. Fine $95

T. Turner, Sheffield T. Turner, Sheffield T. Turner, Sheffield

WP180729 T. Turner, Sheffield A particularly nice screw arm sash fillester. The brass trim was lightly hand polished at some time in the past. The rest of the plane has an untouched look about it. There is a second depth stop on the right side, that looks factory installed, but is hard to understand. Full retracted it is even with the sole and goes down from there. Presumably to engage the sticking board. Most people don't realize how scarce screw arm British planes actually are. At least 99% of British plows and fillesters are slide arm. This is a really nice plane. G++ $159

Unmarked Unmarked

WP170131 Unmarked A panel raising plane that cuts a 1 3/4" wide raising and is not adjustable. It is made from a dense tropical wood and I suspect from the shape of the wedge that it is South American. It is 11 1/2" long and will make a great user. G+ $139

Currie, Glasgow Currie, Glasgow Currie, Glasgow

WP16125 Currie, Glasgow A Scottish badger plane. Differing slightly from your common badger plane, this one has a step on the rabbetted side and a closed tote. It is 16 1/2" long. The tote is a bit loose in the socket and needs to be reglued. Somewhat dirty but essentially nice condition, just needing a clean. G+ $79

Kimberley & Sons

WP160627 Kimberley & Sons A crisp as found sash fillester with a nice dark patina. Sash fillesters in this nice condition don't show up often. With a light cleaning it will rate at least G++ $129

Illegible Illegbile Illegbile

WP150645 Illegible This is an interesting 18th Century plane. It looks like a typical English panel raiser of the period, but it never had a built in fence. There are some tack holes in the sole were fences have been applied, but clearly it was made without a fence. The blade is nicely marked, John Green. The makers marks is really blurred but it might be Benton, Leeds. The surface and color on this plane are marvelous and I really like it. G++ $145

W. Sanderson, Stockport W. Sanderson, Stockport

WP130687 W. Sanderson, Stockport An as found bronze plane, with a boxwood wedge, that I believe was made fo the hat making trade. but I am not sure. The blade is about 3/8" wide but it only cuts on half of the blade. Lovely color and really a great piece. It is also marked 258, which could be a serial number or perhaps a model number. G+ $165

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP110215 Unmarked A lovely fruitwood smoothing plane that I would guess is either south German, Swiss, or Austrian. Very nicely decorated, and with a very pleasing patina. I am not sure of the age, but it could be 18th Century. The iron is marked "FRHA" with a mark that certainly looks like it could be 18th Century. There is some old worming, primarily towards the front. Measures 11 3/8" long. I have had this plane for 20 years, and before that it was in the great Harold Prucha collection. Highly recommended. Good $399

Early Carved Plane Early Carved Plane

100420 Early Carved Plane An beautiful carved European smoothing plane, presumably 18th or possibly early 19th Century. These types of craftsperson made planes are notoriously hard to date, and while I don't think that it would be later, I could believe that it was earlier. This plane has a North Wind figure blowing up at the user as he planes. The plane has a horn in the front, that is carved with a scroll. The plane is hornbeam, the horn is beech, and there is an applied sole that was probably added to compensate for wear, and is maple. This plane has a wonderful patina, and has always been well cared for, but well used. The blade is all but worn out. The wedge is clearly period, but I have no way to tell for sure if is original or not. I would guess that this plane is either German, Swiss, or Austrian, but again this is just an educated guess. Formerly in the Dermot and Cynthia Roche collection, as sold by David Stanley some years ago, this is a museum quality tool. Measures 10 inches overall. G+ $795

Antique Wooden Plane Antique Wooden Plane

WP80428 Unmarked This is a rare matched pair of Scottish door check planes. They have been in my collection for more than 15 years. They are uncleaned and could use a careful waxing. The right side plane is in perfect condition, little used with a full iron. The left side plane is more worn, and the iron is down below the top of the wedge, and the side is split from shrinkage on the blade. It is still perfectly useable and in fact I did use it once years ago. I don't recall ever seeing another pair of these rare planes. They are 4 3/8" long. G+ $199

Irons and Cap Irons (Blades and Chip Breakers)

Ummarked Ummarked

WP200137 Ummarked A particularly clean as found 2 1/4" cap iron. Some scattered staining but mostly bright. Fine- $25

W. Butcher, Sheffield W. Butcher, Sheffield

WP200143 W. Butcher, Sheffield A 2 5/8" cap iron off of a big bench plane. Some surface rust but untouched and with a nice look. G+ $29

W. Marples

WP191156 W. Marples A 2 1/16" wide tapered iron with 1 3/4" remaining. Nice as found condition. G++ $25


WP191145 Peugot An most unusual 1 5/8" wide tapered iron with a cap iron that is adjustable. It is quite clever. There is 2 1/2" left on the iron. G+ $29

Ohio Tool Co.

WP191161 Ohio Tool Co. A 2 1/4" tapered iron with 2 3/8" remaining and the original cap iron still installed. As found and could use a cleaning, but hardly used and should clean to better than G+ $29

W. Marples & Sons

WP191126 W. Marples & Sons A 2 1/2" cap iron with no screw. Some light rust. G+ $12

Sandusky Tool Co

WP191115 Sandusky Tool Co A 2" wide tapered iron with 2 3/8" left, which must be about full length. It should clean to better than G+ $23

W. Field, Pawtuckett

WP191110 W. Field, Pawtuckett A 2 1/16" wide tapered iron by a maker that I have never seen before. It has a round top but it is not an 18th Century iron, it was just made this way. There is about 1 3/4" left on it. Interestingly, it is marked 2 1/8 as part of the maker's mark. Nice condition. G++ $29

W. Butcher

WP190956 W. Butcher A 2 3/8" wide iron that measures 6 1/8" overall and has been ground with a curve, either for a gutter plane or a pattern maker's plane. Nice untouched condition. G++ $16

I Herring and Sons

WP190959 I Herring and Sons A 2 7/16" wide tapered iron with 1" left. It has with it what is probably its original cap iron. The cap iron is quite nice and is really where the value is here. The blade is in nice as found condition but it does have quite a bit of mushrooming on the upper edge. G+ $29

Maw & Staley

WP19091 Maw & Staley A 2 1/2" tapered iron with 1 1/8" left and its original cap iron still in place. Basically I am selling the cap iron and the blade is free. The blade has surface rust and a battered top but is still a good usable blade. The cap iron needs a light cleaning but is in better condition that the blade. Good $19

W. Gilpin

WP19092 W. Gilpin A 2 7/16" wide iron with orignal cap iron. Rusty overall. The blade has 1 3/8" left on it. The cap iron is the early type were a hole was punched into it and then threaded, rather than installing a bolster. The mark is an early mark with a crown over Gilpin. Good $15

Thos Wales & Sons

WP19096 Thos Wales & Sons A 2 1/2" wide tapered iron with 2" remaining. A nice clean iron. It has just a slight amount of deformation on the upper edge. The mark is interesting. I have not seen it before. It "All British Quality". G++ $29

Cap Iron

WP19097 Cap Iron A 2 9/16" cap iron that has moderate rust overall and is missing its screw. Free to the first person who spends at least $80 and orders it. G- $0

W&C Wynn

WP19098 W&C Wynn A 2 1/4" tapered iron with 1" remaining. Lightly rusted overall and with some deformation to the top edge. It will still make a good user. Free to the first person who spends $100 and orders it. Good $0

Unmarked Cap Iron

WP19099 Unmarked Cap Iron A good 2 3/8" wide cap iron. It has dried grease on the back and some on the front. It should clean to better than G+ $25

Unmarked Cap Iron

WP190911 Unmarked Cap Iron A 2 1/2" cap iron that is lightly rusted on the outside. It should clean to G+ $16

Moulson Brothers

WP190912 Moulson Brothers A 2" wide toothing iron that is essentially worn out and measures 5 1/4" overall. It could be used as a normal uncut iron but polishing the upper edge. Free to the first person who orders it and spends $60 on old tools. It has light surface rust overall but should easily clean to at least G+ $0

Buck Brothers

WP190297 Buck Brothers A 1 1/4" wide tapered iron that is probably unused although the edge is a bit rough, I assume from storage. It has a pleasing patina. G++ $29

Hancock Tool, Extra Steel

WP190125 Hancock Tool, Extra Steel A 2 1/4" tapered iron with its orginal cap iron. This is a good cap-iron for an infill plane because it doesn't have a bolster to interfere with the lever cap. This iron has 1 5/16" remaining. As found with light surface oxidation. G+ $29

Providence Tool Co.

WP181214 Providence Tool Co. A 2 1/8" wide tapered iron with its original cap iron. It has decorative semi-circles cut into the upper corners, an attractive touch often seen on Americna irons of the period. The cap iron has matching cuts. There is 1 5/8" left to the hole. The edge has light chips and will need grinding before you use it. Nice honest condition. It is also marked Extra, which implies that it was a top-of-the-line blade. G+ $49

Sandusky Tool Co

MI180823 Sandusky Tool Co A 2 1/8" tapered iron with a lovely untouched patina. 1 7/8" remains to the hole. There is moderate mushrooming to the top and a bit of rust on the back. G+ $30

Cap Iron

WP190286 Cap Iron A 2 1/2" cap iron for a wooden bench plane. It could be used on an infill plane but you would need to grind the bolster down a bit to clear the lever cap. A good as found example. G+ $19

Robert Sorby

WP190147 Robert Sorby A nice clean tapered iron that measures a bit under 2 1/4", really 2 7/32". It mics to 175 thousandths of an inch and has 1 3/8" remaining. Minor mushrooming to the top edge. G++ $19

Hearnshaw Brothers

WP190131 Hearnshaw Brothers A 2 1/4" wide iron that is tapered, but only not as much as most. It has a light taper and is still quite thick at the top. It mics to 200 thousandths at the cutting edge and 142 thousandths of an inch at the top. It has 2 1/2" left, which is about full length. The top has some light pitting, but the bottom is bright and while as found, will clean easily. G+ $

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