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No single aspect of woodworking is more important than sharpening. Ironically, it is one of the most contentious topics as well. Magazines are full of new sharpening schemes said to solve all your sharpening problems. Fueling the fire are the mail order catalogs, full of gadgets and gimmicks designed more to profit from the confusion than to help anyone with sharpening. As with most aspects of woodworking, we believe in a traditional approach. Tried and true methods work as well today as they did when the great masters flourished. At The Best Things, we sell a line of no-nonsense traditional sharpening tools, made by the Norton Company, that will allow you to do the very best sharpening job possible.

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We are discontinuing Norton products and are closing out our remaining inventory.
Limited quantities available.

Norton Sharpening Supplies Norton provides the products and advice to help you through your sanding, grinding and cutting projects. Click on the logo for complete how-to info.

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