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Sharpening always seems to be a controversial topic. Everyone seems to have their own little secret. At The Best Things we have chosen to offer a selection of traditional sharpening supplies made by the venerable Norton Abrasives Company, and to offer the Tormek sharpening system for folks who want a more fool proof sharpening system, as well as the Robert Sorby sharpening aids. This selection is tailored to woodworkers, but many of these products are just as home in the kitchen. For example, we sell as many of the Norton IM-313 Multi-Stones to restaurants that we do to woodworkers. This unit has been the chef's choice for years. It is also the unit our founder relies on for all his sharpening needs, in the workshop and the kitchen. The Tormek system is popular with knife collectors and sharpening services as well as woodworkers.

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